Obstacles that delay wound healing

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Excessive exudate and infection have always been considered the main causes of delayed wound healing. Now we are beginning to understand that biofilm also plays a key role in delaying wound healing.

The following video will illustrate how biofilm hinders wound healing:

When bacterial colonies secrete mucus as a protective layer, it is called Biofilm. About 80% of infections are related to Biofilm. Dental plaque, urinary tract infections and eye infections may all be related to biofilm. It may not be visible to the naked eye. Most chronic wounds may have biofilms, which is also the main cause of delayed wound healing and a sign of infection. 

Biofilm is very stubborn and it is difficult to remove it completely even if it is debridement, it will regenerate very quickly. Biofilm can resist:

Fungicides, such as PHMB*, honey, iodine, and silver
Autoimmune defense and healing mechanism