AQUACEL® Ag+ 敷料的作用原理

AQUACEL® Dressings

The Ag+ dressing solves the hindering factors that delay wound healing through the synergy of dual powerful technologies.

Ag+ technology is a unique and innovative technology that contains silver and has a mechanism to destroy bio-films.

  • DISRUPTS blocks and disrupts the mucous layer of the bio-film to expose bacteria to the bactericide.

  • KILLS contains silver ions that can kill a variety of bacteria, and even have an effect on resistant bacteria
  • PREVENTS can prevent bio-film regeneration


Hydrofiber® hydrophilic fiber technology can create an ideal environment conducive to wound healing and Ag+ technology's effectiveness;

  • LOCKS IN locks excessive exudate and harmful substances, can reduce the occurrence of infection and avoid infiltration.
  • MICRO-CONTOURS sticks to the wound bed, provides a moist environment and reduces dead space, effectively preventing the growth of bacteria and biofilm.
  • RESPONDS forms a gel to reduce pain during dressing changes/