DuoDERM® Signal™ Dressing

DuoDERM® Dressings


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A visual change indicator designed to make dressing change decisions easier.

DuoDERM® Signal™ Dressing is a primary dressing for low-to-moderately exuding wounds.

It can also be used as a secondary dressing to secure an AQUACEL® or AQUACEL® Ag Dressing.

The European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) and The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) guidelines recommend the usage of hydrocolloids for the management of pressure ulcers.

DuoDERM® Signal™ Dressing can be used to manage stage I and stage II pressure ulcers. 


Optimized Dressing Use

  • Dressings have a visual indicator which indicates when a dressing needs changing, reducing premature dressing changes.
  • A thin, smooth, low-friction backing is designed to reduce shearing that can prematurely dislodge the dressing.


  • A thin polyurethane film provides a bacterialand viral barrier when the dressing remains intact and without leakage.
  • The film provides a waterproof barrier over the dressing.
  • It is easy to apply and can be removed without damaging newly formed tissue.
  • It helps to reduce bunching and the effect of shear through tapered edges and a smooth surface.
  • It helps to prevent damage to the wound bed on removal through a unique gelling action, ensuring maximum comfort. 

Ease of Application

  • The translucent backing enhances dressing placement and initial monitoring of the wound
  • The tapered edge contours to difficult areas

Areas subject to friction force, including the heels, buttocks, sacrum, elbows, and trochanters, are likely to develop wounds (or breakdown around wounds)3.

DuoDERM® Signal™ comes in various shapes designed to be placed in these difficult to dress areas.

Hints and Tips for Difficult to Dress Areas

  • Remove the dressing from the protective sleeve.
  • Peel back the main white release paper and the two small margin tabs and apply the dressing wings to the back of the heel.
  • Remove the two large tabs and apply the remaining lower part of dressing to the heel.
  • Ensure good contact with the skin by gently smoothing over kinks or folds with warm hands.
  • Please see the package inserts for full product information, including instructions for its use.
  • The use of DuoDERM® Signal™ dressing neither guarantees nor warranties against HIV transmission.
  • Please read the Instructions for Use for complete directions.