DuoDERM® CGF® 敷料

DuoDERM® 敷料


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"康威" 多愛膚親水性纖維敷料(人工皮)



  • It is beneficial for patient health that trained healthcare professionals use DuoDERM® CGF® Dressings at the right point in time during the healing of a wound.

  • It promotes granulation and facilitates autolytic debridement.

  • Autolytic debridement removes necrotic tissue as quickly as enzymatic debridement.

Evidence-based action plans for hydrating dry wounds include creation of a moist wound environment to prevent wound drying and to allow autolytic debridement to occur.

Ease of Use

  • DuoDERM® CGF® Dressings can be worn for up to seven days.

  • The dressings are highly conformable – and can be easily and gently molded into place